Social Responsiblity

Drinking Responsibly

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a drink or two now and again. In fact, the US Dietary Guidelines on alcohol consumption, found here, suggests that men can safely enjoy between 10 and 20 grams of alcohol per day (two drinks depending on your local liquor jurisdiction) and may even gain some protection against coronary heart disease by doing so. Women, it is suggested should stick to 10 grams, or 1 drink per day.

Common sense should always be your guideline when it comes to consumption of alcohol. If you are driving, ideally you shouldn’t drink alcohol at all. If you are pregnant, or may become pregnant, you should also refrain from drinking alcohol, which may harm your developing baby.

Blood Alcohol Levels

When you drink alcohol it is absorbed into your bloodstream and can affect your mood and your ability to react to situations. The amount of alcohol in your bloodstream is your ‘blood alcohol concentration’ (BAC) and depends on several things including: are you male or female, your size and weight, how much you’ve consumed, in how long, whether or not you’ve eaten and state of health.

Different countries have different laws relating to how high your BAC can be and still drive legally. These vary from “zero tolerance” to higher amounts depending on your liquor jurisdiction. However, some people may be within the legal limit, but their judgment may be impaired.

Now, a healthy human liver takes about 2 or 3 hours to break down and remove the average 10g of alcohol in one standard drink. Which means that if you have consumed 2 measures of spirits, wine or beer, you can still have some alcohol in your blood 2 or even 3 hours later.

This means that not only should you not be driving then if you have been drinking in the evening you may still be over the legal limit for driving the next morning. Use a designated driver if you want to drink when you go out and take a taxi or get a ride to work the next day.

Some people should never drink. Not a drop.

Some people should abstain altogether. Some people who should never drink include:

  • Anyone operating machinery or performing tasks that require a level of physical skill.
  • Children and adolescents. Children’s bodies cannot withstand the effects of alcohol in the same way as those of adults.
  • People who can’t drink moderately, such as recovering alcoholics, problem drinkers, people with a family history of alcohol problems.
  • People taking prescription or over the counter medicine that can interact with alcohol.
  • Women who are pregnant, or are trying to become pregnant.

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