The Rum Tour

Home of Apple Estate Jamaica Rum

Enjoy a guided tour of the artifacts that illustrate our history and experience firsthand the historic production process of Appleton Estate’s rum. Visit the distillery to see the Copper Pot Stills that impart their distinctive character to our rums and are unique to Appleton and the barrel house where our rums age to perfection.
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The Estate Manhattan

Signature Blend Cocktail

Put a little soul into your Manhattan with Signature Blend’s rich orange peel notes.
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The Estate Old Fashioned

Rare Blend 12 Year Old Cocktail

The indulgent Rare Blend 12 Year Old sings in this classic cocktail.
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The Story of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum

Our process. Our people. Our history.

Jamaica is renowned around the world for producing wonderfully rich, aromatic and flavourful rums. Appleton Estate has the distinct honor of being Jamaica’s oldest sugar estate and distillery in continuous production. Discover how we use our skills and passion to deliver Jamaica’s finest rums.
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